Colorado Corvette Club

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Berumen, Tony & Alacey | Denver, CO
Owners of a 1995 coupe and a 2004 ZO6, both Admiral Blue; club members since 2007.

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Eckert, Paul | Denver, CO
Owner of a 2015 Z06 coupe (his fifth new corvette that was picked up in Bowling Green; see the video); club member since 2015. In total, Paul has owed 14 Corvettes. The new ones, picked up in Bowling Green, include a Dark Green 1992 ZR1, a White 1990 ZR1, and a Pewter 2002 Stingray. He even picked up a Silver 1975 Stingray in St. Louis (before the factory moved to Bowling Green). Before those new Corvettes, Paul owned these: a 1959 (bought for $500 in 1972 from a guy who wrecked it; fixed up, it sold for $850), a 1962 ragtop, two 1967s, a 1972, a 1974, a 1968 red convertible Stingray (bought in 2002 and totally restored for a young man who is very much like a son to Paul), and two identical 1986 Vettes (his and hers) bought for his birthday by his wife.

Paul is a Marine and after college he was an engineer/team leader at Ford (helping to develop the Boss 429 Cleveland motor for Ford Racing). After moving to California in 1972, he owned service stations and a machine shop, built homes on spec, got his broker’s license, and built dry cleaning stores. He moved to Denver in 1993 after being widowed and continued his remodeling and home building business then branched out into commercial tenant improvement and commercial buildings. At the 2015 Summerfest Show, Paul met Jim Jackson and was invited to visit the CCC; he has stayed with the Club due to the warm welcome and easily forged friendships with members. He also likes the member’s common bond about charitable activities. He says the road trips have been memorable too, including the one to Sedona (he drove back a day early with Bob and JJ Jackson) and the Fredericksburg trip when he and Bob Jackson bought the same boots.

In 2017, Paul became the chair for CCC’s Corvette Mountain Madness car show in Grand Lake. As the show chair, he works with local charities and other support groups in this small mountain community. He says nothing has made him feel more content and at home in Denver than his friends in the Colorado Corvette Club; he is glad he found all of them.

Figueroa, Paul & Chiclacos, Alida | Denver, CO
Owners of the 2003 Black convertible; club members since 2019.

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Galowitsh, Jeff | Dillon, CO
Owner of a 2019 Sebring Orange ZR1 (see the video); club member since 2015. This is Jeff’s 4th corvette; he has also owned a 2014 Cyber Gray C7, a 2013 Racing Yellow C6, and a 1984 Bronze C4. As a Viet Nam veteran and committed to giving back, Jeff is generous with his support of CCC and he is also on the board for Adaptive Services. His creative ideas and support of CCC’s Corvette Mountain Madness car show in Grand Lake started in 2017 and still continues.

Garnett, Brodie & Sherron | Littleton, CO
Owners of a 2015 Torch Red coupe; club members since 2015. Garnetts checked out several clubs before settling on CCC. Sherron and Brodie have organized a variety of events for club members, including visits to the Brown Palace, Breckenridge Brewery, the Forney Museum and a road trip to Leadville and Breckenridge. They also head up CCC’s collection of small “spa products,” paper and canned good donations for the Corvette Mountain Madness car show in August.

Gruenwald, Joe & Chris | Golden, CO
Owners of a 2016 Artic White coupe; club members since 2017.

Hill, Jay & Kathy | Brighton, CO
Owners a 2016 Yellow Z06 coupe, complete with an “IMPULSE” license plate; club members since 2017. That license was inspired after Jay went to get an oil change and they came home with a Corvette. The couple met on a history-making double date and became high school sweethearts at Highland High School in Thornton CO (she was 15; he was 16). It was the camaraderie at CCC’s Corvette Mountain Madness car show in Grand Lake that was a tipping point for Jay and Kathy and pushed them join the club. Jay also enjoys racing stock cars with his boys.

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Jackson, Janet “JJ” & Rhonda | Arvada, CO
Owner of a 2018 Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic Z06; member since 2012.

Jansen, Ken & Tian | Commerce City, CO
Owners of a 2013 Torch Red Grand Sport; club members since 2017. Jansens met through a website and report that within a few weeks of getting to know each other, they knew they wanted more than friendship. Ken visited Tian in China twice and in August of 2014 she came to the U.S.; they married in September of 2014 and report being very happy since then. They moved into a house they built in Reunion in 2016. Ken had a Harley Davidson that they both loved riding but when it became too dangerous to ride it in Colorado they traded it for their current Corvette, fulfilling a lifelong dream to own a Corvette. Ken has an 18-year-old daughter, Ambyr, and Tian has a 10-year-old daughter, Tiantian. They own an RV and love camping road trips. They share many common interests, always having a great time with each other with lots of laughter!!!! They love being part of the Colorado Corvette Club and enjoy spending many wonderful adventures with the other members who have become great friends!!!!  

Katz, Stan & Sandi | Highlands Ranch, CO
Owners of a 2003 Black Z06 coupe; club members since 2018. This Z06 is Stan’s 3rd Corvette, having previously owned 1989 and 1985 models. “Celebrating Life Has No Age Limit” is their favorite quote as they approach their 50th wedding anniversary. Before retiring, Stan was a pharmacist with a lifelong love of photography. So CCC is lucky to have Stan as the club’s official photographer to document charity and other fun events.

Krieger, Mike & Teresa | Thornton, CO
Owners of a 2001 Magnetic Red coupe and a 1969 Burgundy convertible; club members since 2018.

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Lamon, Bill & Janice | Denver, CO
Owners of a 2019 Torch Red coupe; members since 2019.

Mahr, Glen & Martha | Franktown, CO
Owners of a 1999 Light Pewter Gray coupe; club members since 2007.

Malouf, Mike & Jackie | Denver, CO
CCC’s most prolific Corvette owners with a 1959 Crown Sapphire convertible, 1967 Silver convertible, 1969 Metallic Red convertible, 1969 Metallic Blue convertible, 2000 Anniversary Red convertible, and a 2015 Artic White ZO6 coupe; club members since 2005.

N, O, P, Q, R

Rowe, David | Lakewood, CO
Owner of a 2009 Blade Silver coupe; club member since 2014.

S, T, U, V

Schopp, Gary & Penny | Denver, CO
Owners of a 2000 Dark Bowling Green convertible; club members since 2019. This is their 4th Corvette. They previously owned a 1979 L82/4 speed with brown and tan interior and a Silver/Grey 1985 4 + 3 Trans. After selling the 1985 Corvette, they filled the void with Harleys (averaging 10,000 miles a year, visiting Sturgis, Colorado, Florida, and Cody, WY). In 2015, the last Harley was traded for a Red 1979 L82/4 speed with an Oyster Interior. In 2015/2016, their unofficial Wednesday afternoon car club toured portions of the Hot Rod Power Tour. Lack of AC got the 1979 Vette listed on eBay and sold to a buyer in Puerta Rico whose wife wanted a red 79 Corvette. Gary then searched for a C5 convertible which he found and bought in Louisville, KY (after confirming it was Dark Bowling Green Metallic and not black). He picked the car up at the Louisville airport and took the scenic route home via Bowling Green (of course).

Gary and Penny met at Bill’s Pub in Mundelein, Illinois (they met in April, were engaged in June and married in December of 1969), and will shortly celebrate their 50th anniversary. Gary attended Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois and was elected to their Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010. He was a high school football coach and athletic director in Illinois, before getting into the insurance business. The couple moved to Colorado in 2017 to be close to their grown kids (Jeffrey, an orthopedic surgeon and Gina who works at the Steamboat Mountain School) and their grandchildren. Finding CCC online, Gary reports immediately liking the group.

Schwartz, Joshua & Audra | Aurora, CO
Owners of the 2001 Speedway White convertible. The couple bought their current car (it’s their first Corvette) from their stepfather and had it shipped from NC. They met while working together in a printshop. Joshua loves to build LEGOs and Audra loves to paint. They also love art festivals and their dog, Shadow. Their found CCC online and loved the philosophy of giving back to the community! What kept them coming to meetings was the chance to meet new people, learning about upcoming events and the warm welcome they received from club members. Their favorite club trip (so far) has been the 2019 Hiwan trip.

W, X, Y, Z

Wheaton, David & Anne | Denver, CO
Owners of a 2019 Long Beach Red Grand Sport; club members since 2015.

Williams, Andrew | Brighton, CO
Owner of a 1966 Silver coupe; club member since 2019. He purchased his first Corvette in 2012 – a Jetstream Blue 2010 Grand Sport. When it was sold in 2017, it started Andy’s search (locally and online) for a classic Corvette – a C2 or C3. He focused on L-79 coupes (327ci/350hp) and found his current 1966 Coupe for sale on eBay in Michigan, near Detroit. He hired a classic car inspector to check it out who helped determine it was just what he wanted.  Andy describes his car as a “driver” (i.e., not so nice that he has to worry about paint chips).

Andy visited another club but never went back; the timing wasn’t right and the time and location of meetings didn’t work. After getting his ’66 beauty, he searched online for local Corvette clubs, found CCC’s Saturday morning meetings, and decided to give it a try. After his first meeting he attended the Grand Lake car show, finding everyone very friendly, so he checked out another meeting. He likes that the club is so giving oriented – gathering food or school supplies at the meetings, and donating to a number of worthy charities. He describes being really comfortable with the group: the combination of the people, the mission and the shared interest in Corvettes, all kept him coming back.

Andy has been in Information Technology for 20+ years, most recently as a Software Quality Assurance Architect for TerumoBCT (with offices near Stevinson Chevrolet). He is originally from Indiana but has lived in Colorado for almost all his life. Besides cars, he loves music and has been learning to play the guitar for the last five years. He enjoys traveling and hopes to do some of the club’s road trips.

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